SANCHEZ BUSNADIEGO abogados y asesores - lawyers and advisers
SANCHEZ BUSNADIEGO abogados y asesores - lawyers and advisers

Our competency is based upon practical and working experiences

During years Sánchez Busnadiego lawyers and specialists have offered legal assistance and representation for such court and legal tribunal cases, for example, civil, penal, employment related, merchant and administrative matters thanks to an expert team of competent lawyers.Your doubts and legal advices would be attend by an expert and specialize lawyer that would orientate and would give you proper answer.


We have dedicated our practice to different legal fields paying special attention to quality and seriousness in our offices.


Likewise we represent and initiate whichever types of proceedings and management in the interest of our clients for local, autonomous and government administrative entities (licences, sanctions, fines….etc).


In CIVIL Courts:

- Writing and presenting claims in defense and reclamations in the interest of our clients.

- Response and defense actions relating to cases presented against our clients.

- Judicial and extra-judicial agreements to be reached with the previous consent of o0ur clients.

- Personal legal representation in ordinary, verbal and conciliatory meetings, in Courts, Tribunals, High Court and the Supreme Court for firts hearings.


In CRIMINAL courts:

- Assistence with arrest in police stations and judicial departments.

- Presentation of written defense claims, allegations, petitions, appeals, before all classes of judicial authorithies and courthouses.

- Representation and defense in criminal cases and lesser misdemeanors both as the accused party as well in private prosecution incidences.

- Handling of criminal proceedings and associated appeals.



- Representation and defense in case of disciplinary sanctions, dismissals, complaints...

- Presentation of claims, personal representation at the employment mediation board

- Presentation and defense of social secutity interest, employment services...


In MERCANTILE matters:

- Revisión, claim mortgagee.

- Abuses clauses

- Banking contracts, loans.



- Preparation of application forms and follow-up of various procedures dealing with local, autonomous and national administrations (licences - activity, construction -, contracts, activities, explotation rights...)

- Appeals pertaining to sanctions and fines

- Following up of administrative procedures

- Reclamation by contentious means


TELEFONO:   619212569


Puede visitarnos en nuestras oficinas centrales en  Paseo Andrés Segovia nº 16 (Edificio Bahía I - bajo) de La Herradura (GRANADA).


Tambien visitarnos en nuestros puntos de atención de las  provincias de Granada y Málaga previa cita y acuerdo en las condiciones de la consulta.


Can visit us in our central offices in 16th Paseo Andrés Segovia (Bahia I building ) in La Herradura (GRANADA) or visit us on attention point in the provinces of Granada and Málaga previous agreement about consultations conditions.

HORARIO                            Opening hours

LUNES A VIERNES - Monday to Friday

Mañanas-morning:     09:00 a 14:00

Tardes-evening:         17:00 a 20:00


Mañanas-morning:      10:00 a 13:00



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